@EricBellinger Featuring @Kid_Ink

The last twelve months have been nothing short of amazing for Mr YFS himself. Eric Bellinger has made himself a well known R&B rising star, the transition from song writer to performer seems to be so natural. Destiny would be a more accurate description. For a person with Eric’s voice being a Grammy Award Winning song-writer is simply not enough. ”Kiss Goodnight” is the third single from Eric’s 2 disc album titled “The Rebirth”. The track sends smooth RnB vibes through sound waves setting the right sensual energies. The black and white theme of the video compliments the sensual vibes even more. This gave each scene in the visual a certain level of sex appeal especially when the scene cut to one of the many beauties in this video. Let’s have the next visual Eric !!!


@GinetteClaudette - Pills N Potion (Cover)

This refreshing refix from Ginette Claudette is almost everything you would expect to hear when she’s puts her vocals on a track. Ginette’s vocal delivery carries elements of honesty and raw emotion, making each lyric believable and each note ever appealing. She also succeeds in making this song her own, from the delivery of each note to her body language in the video. This is what separates Ginette’s cover of Nicki Minaj’s  ”Pills and Potions” from the rest, its not a straight copy, its performed in her own style, it shows diversity and above all it is unique. 

The video is edited excellently putting emphasis on the literal meanings of pills and potions. Visually creating scenes that translate the feeling of a certain “high” coming from the Pills and potions. The fusion of colours compliments the visual further making the video all the more worth watching ! It’s amazing to see Ginette still making content like this for her adoring fans #kudos


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@ItsRissaBae - Blessing (K-Camp Cover)

It can be easy to be fooled by nice voice and beauty in the music industry…However when it comes to Marissa there is so much more beneath the surface. A musician with real talent and an insatiable desire for her music to reach the masses. Marissa carries a smooth undertone in her vocal delivery which some say is reminiscent of Jhene Aiko with hint of Aaliyah. I’m inclined to agree. The original track was performed by K-Camp, a Wisconsin rapper made worldly famous by his smash hit “Cut Her Off”. This song is a rare positive Hiphop tribute to women in comparison to the genre’s sometimes derogatory demeanor. Melissa has succeeded in flipping this song, sensually responding to the original, melodically catering R&B junkies everywhere !!!

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@LoickEssien - Nobody 

Since listening to Loick Essien’s “I.D. MIxtape” we sensed a change in his sound. A less “Pop” yet more raw and free sound, a sound untouched by label politics and chart culture. The “I.D. Mixtape” is a good example of creative freedom, Loick has certainly carried this through with his new single “Nobody”. This conceptual visual symbolising solitude and individuality works well with the dark undertones through out the video. UK RnB is very much alive, acts such as Loick, Dora Martin, Hayley Cassidy, Daley, Angel, Ed Sheeran and many more prove this daily. The Londoner has been relentless in giving fans hits whether he wrote them for another musician or is in the limelight himself. One things is clear, this next album is set to be something special for UK R&B. KUDOS FOR THIS ONE LOICK !!!!

@Monique_vocalz - OMG/Closer Medley

It is always a pleasure to work with people who carry a certain passion for what they do. Monique carries a smooth vocal delivery that rests comfortably in the ears of any listener. As an R&B junky I am pleased to see to next generation put on for R&B. The UK needs it’s own home grown talent brining something to the table for Rhythm and Blues. This medley is a refreshing blend of up-tempo and soulful vibes complimented by Monique’s chemistry with the Mystro Mitchell piano. Musicians such as this are a testament that the UK music industry has potential to produce soulful talents in large amount.  Please subscribe to the YouTube to see more of the UK’s finest in “soulful” talent. 

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A freshly squeezed summer delight from the female perspective. Joelle James is one of Chris Brown’s finest offerings from his CBE label. It’s no secret Joelle’s vocal delivery is a force not be reckoned with, however in this track she displays some diversity as she flips Teeflii’s club banger. 

@MissChanceHQ - Pretty Hurt (Beyonce Cover)

A pair of beautiful soulful sisters met up with One Love CMzTV to create this exclusive cover of Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts”. A song speaking of the trials and tribulations beauty can bring to ones life. The sisters have been looking to break the industry for a while now, gigging, recording and perfecting their craft over the years has been a tough but learning experience as they told us. Individually both sisters bring a unique tone to the table, allowing the cover to be taken to a different place. Furthermore covering a Beyonce song is not the easiest task, however for Miss Chance it seemed the only difficultly they had performing this song was worrying about which position was best to sit in while video recording. This duo is definitely at act to follow, not for the powerful vocal delivery, not for their unique fashion sense rather for what they can offer the music industry.


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@LoickEssien -Nobody 

R&B has grown to be raw, out spoken, dark, fearless and ever so versatile in the way it sounds. “Nobody” is Loick Essien’s first new instalment since the release of the I.D. mixtape, a pleasing instalment in the eyes if music lovers all over. This single carries that well blended mix of hip hop and R&B within the production, a sound now commonly referred to as “R n Bass”  or “R n G” (Rhythm and Gangster). The UK is ready for this unique sound, a sound unlike anything in the charts and currently resonates throughout the urban scene. The song touches on a topic many musicians have shared their views on with in their music, the come up. Rising through the racks of your craft with or without help while proving yourself worthy of a certain time of success. As the “Ragz2Riches” movement continues to grow its clear Loick Essien has found a new sound and this is just the beginning. 

Trey Songz - Foreign

As I have said many times, RnB did not die, it has simply changed. This song is a perfect example of RnB’s more raw and edgy image. Usually RnB is associated with love, purity, bliss, infatuation and even heartbreak, however this song is more relate-able to the life of a performer in their prime. A song merely telling the story of what could be a casual evening for Trey Songz. “Mr Steal Yo Girl” is very well groomed musically and knows exactly how to connect with his listeners. Furthermore the honestly is his music,no matter how unbelievable or how ludicrous it may seem, continues to lay at the heart of why his career has out lived that of many we thought would last in this industry. The new “Trigga” album seems to be a gate-way into Trigga’s life, a life many only new rumours about as he moves under the media radar. The single we have heard each show a more confident yet vulnerable musician in Trey. The R&B singer has always been able to cater to the clubs as well as the more soulful listeners, it will be interesting to  see what the rest of the album can offer !!!

@EricBellinger - 1st Lady 

It’s refreshing to hear a soulful tribute to being simply in love. The song promotes a sense of pride and insatiable happiness, all from the woman he loves. Not because she’s hard bodied or carries an angelic beauty, rather because the love of they share, the support she gives him , the belief she has in his dreams and way he supports and represents his cause. This is a real woman you need by your side and this song is a great tribute to every 1st lady out there. Eric Bellinger never fails in providing a unique perspective with his music, telling a relate-able story you can not ignore. The Eric Bellinger take over still looms as his hits continue to globally storm the charts. R&B LIVES !!!!!!

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12:Til - Stay (Jodeci Cover)

The original song was sung by one of the most influential R&B groups of the last two decades. Jodeci’s sound has inspired generations of musicians to take their own talents beyond mediocrity to reach legendary status.  The 12:Til boys have never hesitated in displaying their soulful talents, no acoustic guitar, no instrumental just raw soulful and melodic self-expression. As I’ve previously mentioned their unity as a group is always very apparent in their videos. The trio’s classic riffs, runs and well groomed vocal delivery all work together to attract the masses and probably drops some panties along the way.  It would be amazing to see “soulful” talent such as this elevate to music industry greatness without having to change what makes their sound so special to suite the climate in the music industry. 

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@Sevyn - Sex On The Ceiling 

Since leaving her girl group “RichGirl”, Sevyn Streeter has been ripping through sound-waves under Chris Brown’s “CBE” Label. Sevyn is a very talented songwriter as well as a well groomed vocal performer, it’s no surprise to see her in this fierce persona channelling all her sexiness physical and lyrical. “Sex On The Ceiling” is one of my favourite baby-makers of 2013, smooth, tasteful and skilfully written. Simply stating you are going to “fuck” or “make someone cum” doesn’t show any lyrical skill rather just modern derogatory. Visually this video is nothing less than you would expect from Chris Brown’s camp. A creative visual tickling ones imagination leaving room for sensual energies to flourish. The single is from Sevyn’s “Call Me Crazy” EP which is still available on iTunes !!!! Go Cop It !!!

@KaneUHF - Turn It Up 

The UK music industry is currently witnessing the dawn of the male vocalist. Musicians such as Sam Smith, Rough Copy, James Arthur and Taio Cruz are all paving the way for future vocalists. Kane is amongst the new breed in UK R&B and soul. In this video for his single “Turn It Up” we see a house party full of vibrancy and enough eye candy to tickle your visual sweet tooth. Sneakbo’s verse took the energy of this song to another level, his signature flow complimented the song’s up beat tempo allowing the listen to fully Turn It Up !!

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